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Questions & Answers

Why should I use Nazarene Faith Connections children’s curriculum?
Innovative. Kid-pleasing. Teacher-friendly. Bible-teaching. Life-changing. All of these describe Faith Connections children’s Sunday School curriculum offered by the Church of the Nazarene through WordAction Publishing Company*. This curriculum is designed to build strong Christians and to raise everyone’s expectations about what a dynamic Sunday School can be and do!

Faith Connections curriculum is based on clear goals that are reachable and teachable. Lessons contain all the teaching helps you need to lay stepping-stones to holy living for your children. As a teacher, you will be better equipped to help your children make the connection to something truly life–changing!

Why is Faith Connections children’s curriculum right for my class?
Faith Connections is a complete line of curriculum for children from birth through sixth grade. The following chart will help you identify the age-group materials written specifically for your students.

WordAction Curriculum

By Age LevelBirth -2 years - Toddlers/Twos and Babies, too!

3 - 6 years (not in first grade) - Preschool/Kindergarten

1st & 2nd grade - Early Elementary

3rd & 4th grade - Middle Elementary

5th & 6th grade - Preteen

Faith Connections curriculum is designed to help children study the Bible to know the God of the Bible. The following resources will help teachers and parents to accomplish these goals with their children.

•  Faith Connections Teacher — This 96–page teaching manual contains complete directions for teaching children in Sunday School. Lessons are organized in the easy–to–follow A–B–C format, with wide and narrow columns. The Teacher also includes reproducible Parent Connections pages and the colorful center insert, Teacher Connections (preschool/Kindergarten—preteen).

*WordAction Publishing Company is the curriculum subsidiary of Nazarene Publishing House, Kansas City, MO

•  Faith Connections Teaching Resources — This quarterly packet of materials contains lesson–related visual aids and student–involving learning activities. These include bulletin board aids, Bible memory activities, games, discussion pieces, Nu–Vu storytelling figures and more.
•  A special feature in Early Elementary Teaching Resources is the Faith Words banner (to be provided in the September 2007 packet) and Faith Words cards (provided in every quarterly packet). Faith Words are Christian vocabulary words that acquaint boys and girls with the terms they need to know to understand the Bible and Christian teaching.
•  Connections — Each page in these student books contains one or more age– appropriate activities that use the children's emerging skills to help them learn Bible stories and truths and apply them to life. Look for lots of fun things to do! The Preschool/Kindergarten age-group has two Connections books —one for three and four year olds and one for kindergarten children.
•  Babies First is a monthly newsletter for parents of infants to age 1. It includes a monthly poster with the Bible story, Bible verse, and helps for parenting.
•  Toddler Time is a monthly newsletter for parents of toddlers ages 1 and 2. It includes a monthly poster with the Bible story, Bible verse, and helps for parenting.
•  My Bible Book is a 26 page, full-color, board book with all 12 Bible stories for Toddlers, Twos and Babies too! in one sturdy book.
•  Celebrate, Adventures, Discoveries, Passport – The colorful and attractive takehome papers contain lots of fun features geared to children in each age-group. Activities include Bible and modern-day stories, things to make, puzzles, trivia, and more. Discoveries and Passport include devotions for the middle elementary children and preteens.
•  Nu–Vu Bible Story Backgrounds — These 16 colorful sheets provide interesting backgrounds for the Nu–Vu storytelling figures for preschool/kindergarten through middle elementary age-groups. Order NU-2001 for backgrounds only or NU-2001MB for backgrounds with a metal board.
•  Bible Trek Time Lines – These teaching tools provide colorful Bible pictures in chronological order. There is a time line for early elementary and another time line for middle elementary and preteens. One copy of the time line was provided in the Resources packet for September 2005—November 2007. Information for ordering additional or replacement time lines is provided on all (early elementary through preteen) Resources envelopes.

What are some unique features of Faith Connections curriculum?
These exciting features are integral to the curriculum and contribute to effective learning experiences:

Bible Reading Success Plan - This is an exclusive feature designed to help children discover they can read and study the Bible for themselves. The plan begins with helping preschool and kindergarten children fall in love with Bible stories. Early elementary children go on to become well-acquainted with Bible stories and Bible characters both in class and as they read simply-worded Bible stories in Adventures. Middle elementary students discover they can read and understand the Bible itself. This is achieved by using actual NIV text as much as possible in their Bible stories and highlighting those portions in color. Preteens learn how to use Bible study tools to allow the Bible to answer their questions. They also receive instruction for personal devotional reading.

Verse-a-Month ClubFaith Connections fun Bible memory plan for elementary children encourages students to memorize key scriptures.

What about music resources to accompany the curriculum?
Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International also partners with Lillenas Music Company, one of the largest publishers of religious music, to produce curriculum related tapes and songbooks for each age level. Once you have these songbooks and tapes, you have all the music you need!

•  Toddlers, Twos and Babies too! uses both Songs for God’s Little Ones and Great Big Praise for a Great Big God, Book 1.
•  Preschool/Kindergarten curriculum uses the songbook for young children, Great Big Praise for a Great Big God, Book 1.
•  Early Elementary curriculum uses Great Big Praise for a Great Big God, Book 1.
•  Middle Elementary and Preteen uses the songbook for older elementary children, Great Big Praise for a Great Big God, Book 2.

How can parents know what their children are learning?

Check Out connect! This all-new, full-color, full-size magazine is packed with interactive family devotions and parenting articles. Each weekly two-page spread provides helps for weekdays plus a weekender activity. Look for connect! on your Sunday School order blank. WordAction’s Faith Connections curriculum also includes weekly parent newsletters that summarize the Bible lesson children have just experienced, provide ideas for lessonrelated family activities, and give other parenting tips.

Check out! Celebrate from preschool/Kindergarten. This weekly take-home paper has Bible stories for families and children. My Bible Book is new for Faith Connections. This 26 page, colorful toddler’s board book has all 12 Bible stories for parents to read with their little ones. Use these resources to supplement connect!

As we continue to update Faith Connections curriculum, we work hard to stay true to our Wesleyan roots while seeking new methods for communicating with a new generation. It is our desire to stay informed by the culture in order to reach young people for Christ. Your input has been greatly appreciated. May we make every effort to be united in Christ for His glory and to save the children.

Welcome to WordAction's elementary KIDS WORSHIP curriculum. Here is a quick overview of some of the exciting features found in KIDS WORSHIP.

KIDS WORSHIP is a quarterly curriculum written for grades 1-6. The curriculum features Kid's Questions and God's Answers. Each quarter, KIDS WORSHIP introduces a question that a child may be asking. This question is answered through 12 worship services that the children will experience, plus a 13th week, KIDS WORSHIP in Action. Worship is the thread that holds this curriculum together. The children will participate in active worship the entire service.

Each service the KIDS WORSHIP Leader has extra activities geared toward the preteens labeled Preteen Xtreme. This will be helpful to those who have a separate preteen service. The preteen worship leader uses the full worship service outline, then adds the Preteen Xtreme activities to enhance the preteens' worship experience.

The quarter is divided into three units with four services per unit. The inside back cover of the KIDS WORSHIP Leader has additional ideas called Kids Worship in Action. This section has field trip and service project options, interview ideas, and other activities to be used when there is a fifth Sunday in the month.

The curriculum is divided into four sections. The four sections are:

•  Kids Come to Worship. This is a transitional time for the children who come from Sunday School or are just arriving at church. This is the opening part of the service and helps children move toward a worshipful attitude.

•  Investigate God's Word. The second section is where the children are introduced to the Bible message, the message is told, and a follow-up activity is presented. This section brings the Bible to life for the children.

•  Discover God's Way. This section includes the life application activities. The children will see how the Bible message connects to life.

•  Share God's Love. The final section concludes the service with 2-3 activities, a closing prayer and a Challenge and Blessing . The children will be challenged to go out and serve God. They will be encouraged to live what they have learned and they will receive a blessing as they go to serve God for the week.

This curriculum provides special helps for the worship leader:

•  Worship Tips (Worship and worship activity tips)
These may include specific worship tips, ideas on how to set a worshipful environment, music and art tips, worship movement ideas, and active worship activity tips which help children make a connection between activities and meaningful worship.

•  30-Second Skillbuilder (Worship leader training tips)
These are tips that sharpen your skills as you teach.

•  Faith Words (Foundational words of faith)
These definitions help children understand essential concepts of faith.

•  God at Work in Worship (Spiritual formation tips)
These tips influence your students' spiritual formation and development.

•  The Word in Action (Biblical or theological insights)
These tips highlight biblical or theological truths.

In addition to the KIDS WORSHIP Leader, KIDS WORSHIP Connections is a full-color worship folder for the children. Order enough sets so each child has a copy each week. For further detail on the curriculum visit:


Young children can also benefit from worshiping God in their own language WORSHIP TIME is WordAction's Children's Church curriculum especially for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Worship Time supplements the stories, verses, and concepts presented during Sunday School. It also provides age-appropriate learning experiences to young children who attend church only during worship.

Worship Time provides church time teachers with complete Children's Church teaching materials for children three-years-old through kindergarten. Worship Time uses methods that encourage small group discovery learning. During Worship Time, young children will sing, move, eat, create, interact, and play their way to a greater understanding of God's love for them and the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Parents will feel confident in the care and instruction their child receives while they attend worship.

Worship Time includes:

•  Teacher's Guide
•  Worship Time Connections student sheets
•  Attention-getting storytelling methods
•  Sessions that reinforce the Bible story, Bible verses and Bible truths learned during Sunday School--without repeating activities from Sunday School.
•  Active and quiet-time games.
•  Opportunities to participate and serve the church body