Adult Curriculum

Adult curriculum uses a proven pattern of systematic Bible study and real life application to give every participant a well rounded biblically-based education. Each session starts with life experience, moves to the Word, then to a real-world application. With creative and fresh teaching methods, teachers and students enjoy learning together.

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Interactive Resources

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Curriculum Resources

Adult Faith Connections Bible Study Guide
Adult Faith Connections Bible Study Guideis a scripturally-based Bible study in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition. This Bible study guide provides a complete study exposition for group study and personal use.

Adult Faith Connection Leader
Adult Faith Connection Leader also features the complete student exposition plus teaching methodology and optional activities to help leaders adapt the lesson to their specific group. Instructions, examples, and illustrations are given to help every session speak to today’s adult and help leaders capture the interest of their group as they lead them.

The curriculum is published four times a year and is specially designed to balance seasonal church programing with the need for systematic and consistent biblical study. Large Print versions available.

Illustrated Bible Life
Enrich your Bible study time with Illustrated Bible Life, WordAction's full-color resource magazine designed specifically to complement the Adult Faith Connections Leader. This resource provides verse-by-verse commentaries on the Bible passages for each week and includes articles dealing with cultural, historical, archaeological, and theological issues.

With Illustrated Bible Life, you can go deeper into each week's Bible study:

  • • Learn the theological background
  • • Understand the culture of Bible times
  • • Explore the history behind every Bible story

The Dialog Series
Get your small group or Sunday School class talking about issues that make a real difference! Each book in the Dialog Series offers 7 Bible-based, life-related topical studies that are perfect for group or personal discovery. The separate Facilitator’s Guide features Bible background information and creative/relevant teaching methods. The focus is on interaction and, of course, dialogue.

Adult Faith Connections Resources

Several additional resources are available to assist the Adult Leader in facilitating effective learning sessions. Session notes, power point presentations, exposition, expanded methodology, unit articles and more at

This attractive take-home paper offers inspirational stories and engaging activities in a 4-page format.

In our fast paced world families need resources that will help them slow down and discover God’s promises together.  Connect! is an easy-to-use devotional resource that will provide you with helpful and fun devotions that speak to the entire family.  Each issue contains daily scripture readings, stories, and activities for three months.  Connect! will help your family spend quality spiritual time together.

Reflecting God
Daily devotionals that focus the reader on scripture passages related to the upcoming Adult Faith Connections lesson. Reflecting God also comes in large print.