CLT/Lay Ministry Curriculum

As Christians, we are called to service and ministry. We are responsible for enhancing our effectiveness by learning necessary skills and expanding our understanding. CLT is designed to enable your process of "lifetime learning."

Not since the days of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation has there been a time like this in the life of the Christian Church. Multitudes of lay persons are discovering their heritage as ministers and servants in the local church. In the Church of the Nazarene, the largest corps of persons in lay ministry are local Sunday School teachers and workers. But lay ministry is not limited to one area. Indeed, thousands of Nazarene lay persons are discovering their spiritual gifts and aptitude, learning appropriate ministry skills, and getting involved in ministry. Their ministries may be within the wall of their local churches or beyond, in venues of service to the community at large.

CLT has always been associated with quality lay training curriculum designed to enrich your understanding of God's Word and the basic doctrines essential to our shared life as a community of faith. Now we are emphasizing the powerful linkage between training and ministry. Our name expresses that link by associating training materials with our mission and objective: equipping Christians for ministry in the local church. Our hope is that through your participation in the various CLT / Lay Ministry programs you can increase your effectiveness as a Christian worker in your church.

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Areas of Study:

• Sunday School Teacher/Worker - Adult, Children, Sunday School Superintendent, Youth - The "teacher training" area of studies offer three levels of instruction (Core, Required, Electives). Participants completing all three levels in the area of their choice qualify for the Master Teacher Medallion.
• Bible Quizzing (children and youth)
Certificate of Lay Ministry
• Church Growth
Compassionate Ministries
• Faith Sharing Strategies
• Family Life Ministries
• Global Missions
• Lay Facilitator
• Lay Ministries
• Marriage Enrichment Ministries
• Men's Ministries
• Ministering to Those at Risk
• New Member Development
• Prime Time Ministries  
• Single Adult Ministries
• Stewardship
• Theological and Doctrinal Studies
• Women's Ministries

A limited number of Spanish-language CLT courses are offered as well.

Contact the CLT / Lay Ministry office if you would like . . .

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• information on networking with others involved in lay ministry
• any additional information about the CLT / Lay Ministry programs

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