Children's Camp

Welcome to the NazKids Camp Website
Children’s Camping is one of the most important summer ministries in the Church of the Nazarene. Thousands of boys and girls attend children’s camps each year. Hundreds come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior as a result of their camp experience.

This site is sponsored by Children’s Ministries, Global Ministry Center, Church of the Nazarene. It is intended as a tool for those involved in ministry to children at kids' camps each summer. The site provides the following resources for those involved in children’s camping:

1. NCA Directory. This link provides district by district access to Nazarene Camping Association personnel and camps.

2. NCA News. Use Acrobat Reader to download the latest newsletter from the Nazarene Camping Association.

3. Director’s Resources. This valuable link offers advice from experienced camp directors in areas such as maintaining staff morale, painless discipline, and crisis preparation.

4. Speakers’ Bureau. Here you will find contact information for a number of people who provide camp services such as teacher training, music ministry, puppet ministry, storytelling, Bible study for children, and gospel magic.

5. Training. At this link you will find important tips and advice for training your camp staff.

6. Themes. This link will offer theme ideas for your camp and suggest possible ways to implement your theme.

7. Camping Resources. There will be a variety of information at this link, such as program schedules and guidebooks.

8. Preparation & Follow–up. Here you will find pre–camp organizational tips and fund– raising ideas, as well as ways to follow up with campers after the camping experience is over.

9. Child Safety. This link will take you to the Children's Ministries "Child Safety" page at the CM website.

10. Message Board. This feature is a valuable tool for letting you share your ideas with others and for opening discussions in areas of concern.

The Children's Camping website can be a valuable resource as you begin making preparations for your next children's camp. If you would like to speak directly to the Children's Ministries Camping Coordinator, Dan Harris, you may E-mail him at