Beginning Your Children’s Bible Quizzing Ministry

1. Order Materials
Order Children's Bible Quizzing materials from the Nazarene Publishing House at
• Leader book for each teacher
• Pupil book for each child
• Additional resources for biblical study (optional)
• NIV Scripture portion for each child (optional)
• Answer Boxes (one box per child)

*Note: Additional materials are available to enhance your Children’s Bible Quizzing ministry.

2. Contact your district Children's Bible Quizzing director.
Request competition information (dates, times, locations, Bible studies covered at invitational competitions, etc.) from your district Children’s Bible Quizzing director. You may also contact the Global Children’s Bible Quizzing office for the name of your district quiz director. Email

3. Select a day, time, length (60 or 90 minutes), and location for your weekly Bible studies.
You will also need to determine if you will combine or separate the levels—RED Level (beginning) and BLUE Level (advanced).

4. Read and Prepare the Bible studies.
You will need to be prepared. Read ahead and prepare the lessons. Keep the focus on Bible study—not competition.

5. Advertise the weekly Bible study.
• Place information in the church newsletter and worship folder.
• Make announcements in children's classrooms and adult Sunday School classes.
• Send an invitation to each elementary aged child in your church.

6. Present the information as a Bible study for children.
Children will need a Bible and study book. Include reading the study passages and discussion in your Bible study time. Involve all children in the Bible study. When competitions occur, allow children to decide if they want to participate in competition.

The objective of Children's Quizzing is Bible study, not competition.

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