Children's Day

The purpose of Children’s Day is to:

Help families and churches recognize the need to invest time, energy, and resources into children
Remind families and churches to share the gospel with boys and girls, and to disciple them
Provide ways for children and their families to participate in church services and activities, as well as mission and service projects as they disciple others
Honor and show appreciation for those who disciple children in the family and at church

Children’s Day Suggested Activities

A special morning evangelistic service for children
A potluck dinner followed by an evangelistic video/movie that the whole family will enjoy
Encourage parents to be spiritual guides for their children
A luncheon followed by relay races and/or outdoor games
Promotion of the children from one class to the next appropriate class
An intergenerational event
A service project that will impact children in the community
Download Children's Day Resources Themes and resources to promote and celebrate Children’s Day:

Train Them and Teach Theme (Poster 1) (Poster 2)

Kids Connection (Poster)

Children… Transforming the World (Poster)

Disciples in Training (Poster)