Professional Organizations

Children's Ministries partners with Christian educators and Children's pastors to provide a support network. These organizations help connect Nazarene churches and schools around the world.

Nazarene Children's Leadership Network (NCLN) is a group of Nazarene children’s leaders from across the U.S. NCLN strives to create ministry awareness to children and their families. The organization aspires to be the voice for children. NCLN desires to partner with local children’s leaders to develop, equip, network, and train. Visit for more information.

The Nazarene Educators Worldwide is a support network providing fellowship and resources to Nazarene educators worldwide. NEW membership is open to all educators in public school, homeschool, Christian school, preschool/child care centers, college/university education departments, and our global/international schools. For more information about this organization, go to

To learn more about these organizations and how to become a member, click on the appropriate bullet in the box on the left. Join today and get connected.