Ministry Musings

The mission statement for Women's Ministries is GROWTH.
Gathering women
Resourcing opportunities
Offering acceptance
Winning women to Jesus
Teaching biblical truths
Honoring the spirit-filled life

Everything that happens under Women's Ministries umbrella should assist women in knowing God personally, growing in Christlikeness, discovering and using their spiritual gifts, loving and serving others, and reflecting the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ in all aspects of their lives. Monthly Musings are one tool to help achieve these goals.

Monthly Musing are suggested foci. While they are assigned to a month, many are applicable to other months. They outline a suggestion, allowing the local ministry leader to adjust the idea to fit her specific congregation and community.

Monthly Musings 2011-2012

Monthly Musings 2010 - 2011

Monthly Musings 2009 - 2010