I Care…About Children

Video cell phones. iPods. PlayStations. Standard accessories in many homes today. Are you aware of their potential danger? While these hand-held devices offer many good things, they are also a potential source of enormous danger—pornography.

Women’s Ministries, in partnership with the pureHope, is calling women and their friends to prayer for the protection of the children in the United States from the onslaught of pornography that is available through wireless technology. While this is a world-wide problem, this initiative is designed for the United States since this is the focus of the pureHOPE. Even as we pray for and educate United States families, let’s include children and families world-wide in our prayers.

Here are some facts as presented by Dr. Jerry Kirk, founder of pureHOPE, at a recent meeting of Women’s Ministries leaders.

• 75% of the first exposure to pornography happens on a public computer.
• The average age for the first exposure to pornography is between 8 and 8 ½ years of age.
• Less than 20% of Christian home uses filtering and blocking systems.
• The average teenager is exposed to over 14,000 sexual messages a year. Less than 2% of these have any reference to abstinence, self-discipline, or sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition to a call to prayer, this initiative will help to educate parents and other concerned individuals about these dangers. Many people purchase these hand-held devices unaware of the potential to receive pornography materials and how to use the filtering and blocking systems. Unfortunately, the filtering and blocking systems are available, but it is left to the purchasers to inquire about them.