Guidelines for Telephone Prayer Chain

“Don’t worry over anything whatever; whenever you pray tell God every detail of your needs in thankful prayer” (Phil. 4:6, Phillips).

There is power in prayer, especially when a number of people are praying at the same time for the same request. The following are suggested guidelines for implementing a Telephone Prayer Chain in your church.

Select a Chairperson. The following characteristics are recommended:

1. Spirit-filled Christian
2. Able to organize and enlist others to pray
3. Discerning—able to see when something is too personal to share
4. Faithful

Enlist those willing to participate in the Prayer Chain Ministry. Enlistment cards may be distributed during a service. Be sure the card includes a play or a phone number. The returned cards are given to the chairperson. From these cards, the chairperson will select as many Key Callers as required to assign five to ten individuals per Key Caller.

The name and phone number of the chairperson should be available to the congregation through announcements and bulletins, including instructions regarding requests. When people have an urgent prayer need, they call the chairperson, who in turns calls the Key Callers. The Key Callers contacts those on their lists.

Evelyn Christenson in What Happens When Women Pray offers these guidelines for the chairperson and key callers.

1. Pray immediately
2. Pass on prayer requests immediately.
3. Don’t delete or add anything to the request.
4. Keep it confidential—absolutely no gossiping.

To reaffirm the power of God to answer prayers, keep a prayer journal in which requests and their answers are listed.

Guidelines for Prayer Chain Members and Information Network
Incoming Prayer Requests

1. Prayer requests may come from many sources including members of the prayer chain,  those in need of prayer, the pastor, church board members, Sunday School teachers, and others.

2. Prayer requests will be phoned to the chairperson or the church office if the caller is unable to reach the chairperson. This will activate the Prayer Chain.

Directions Key Callers when Receiving a Prayer Request

1. Write down the request word for word as given to you.

2. Immediately call the next person on your chain. Pass on only the information given to you. Do not discuss prayer request during the call. This consumes additional time and prevents the member from making calls to pass along the request. Always make your conversation positive.

3. Pray immediately concerning the request after making your call. Do not leave you telephone until you have prayer. Pray for God’s will. Pray fervently. “The prayer of a righteous man [person] is powerful and effective” (James 5:16b, NIV).

4. When the prayer is answered, pass along the answer as encouragement.