Structure of Women's Ministries

The local director of Women's Ministries is appointed by the Adult Ministries Director with the approval of the Sunday School Superintendent and Pastor. The director is amenable to the Adult Ministries Council and Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International Board. (In churches where there is not a Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International Board, the official Church Board fills this role.)

Women's Ministries is not an entity to itself. One of the purposes of Women's Ministries is to compliment the total church program. The specific goals and objectives of a local Women's Ministry should be compatible with those of the total church program. Before adapting the purpose, goals, and objectives of Women's Ministries to fit your local church, the Women's Ministries Director is encouraged to discuss with the pastor the mission statement for the local church and the role of Women's Ministries in fulfilling that statement.

The Women's Ministries Director appoints the members of the Women's Ministries Council. These names must have the approval of the Adult Ministries Director, Sunday School Superintendent, and Pastor. In ministries where council members are elected, the ballot must receive approval by the above mentioned individuals. While it is not necessary that every name submitted be a member of the local church, the individual should be a Christian and regular attendee with leadership potential.

As Women's Ministries begins in a local church, it is wise for it to receive some monies from the annual church budget. Within a short time, Women's Ministries should become self-supporting. Women's Ministries is required by God and the church to be a good steward of its financial resources. There are many projects within a local church where Women's Ministries can invest financial support as well as resources.