Post Abortion

It was the opening night of Come to the Fire ’07. The women joined their voices to worship and praise God as they enthusiastically sang the Come to the Fire theme song. The church was filled with God’s awesome, sweet spirit.

Tracy, a beautiful former model, was the keynote speaker. Some of us knew Tracy’s story and wondered how the audience would respond to her story of having three abortions. Would they judge her? Would they hear how God transformed her life? Would they see how God took the broken pieces of her life and made them into something beautiful?

Throughout the rest of the conference, women watched for opportunities to talk with Tracy when their friends weren’t present. They were relieved to confess their stories to someone who had taken the same journey.

A year later at Come to the Fire ‘08, Yori told her story. A French-American, Yori experienced the French version of the Hollywood lifestyle as actress. She enjoyed wealth, jewels, and fancy clothes, broken relationships, and numerous abortions.  Then she also shared how her relationship with Jesus Christ transformed her life so that now she’s involved in ministry in her local church to women who have experienced abortion.

In the fall of ‘09, Jill replied to questions posted on the web site. Included in Jill’s response was this question: Why don’t you have resources for post-abortive women? Emails between Jill and others led to the creation of this page.

The purpose of the section of the Women’s Ministries web site is to provide resources to help post-abortive women. You’ll find Jill’s and Yori’s stories. If you have resources to recommend or a story to share, email them to  for consideration.