Creating Space for College Students

Hook: Building relationships with college students can present challenges. Consider these suggestions.

I recently began working part-time at a local community college in a position that gives me a lot of face time with the students. Although it has only been a few years since I graduated from college, I have learned some valuable insights into what it takes to engage students today. (Click here to read the full article.)

Working Together

Over the last five years of discussing “the church” with fellow Nazarene Young Adults I’ve found a common theme. Most will openly admit that they feel the church simply does not have a place for them. One says, “The church says they want to get us involved, but refuse to hand over the keys.” Another told me, “I just don’t think the church wants me. They have a place for teens and a place for adults, but I don’t feel like I fit in anywhere.” (Click here to read the full article.)

Wanted: Coaches

It was a gathering of denominational and para-church Women's Ministries leaders. The participants shared ideas and ministry strategies and ideas surfaced related to reaching and involving young women. As the final afternoon session began, the discussion centered on young adults and ministry to them.

Julie, a 20-something participant, was invited to give her perspective on the discussion. The first need she identified was for a coach. As a basketball player, she reminded us that coaches develop strengths, identify weaknesses and implement strategies to improve them, offer encouragement, and create plays for the games. (Click here to read the full article.)

Intergenerational Conversations: Listening Inside Out

Young adults are leaving the church in masses. This departure crosses all denominational lines.  According to George Barna’s research, young adults are leaving the church in greater number than ever before. The Church of the Nazarene is experiencing this and has conducted many conversations and much research to determine how to minister more effectively to young adults. (Click here to read the full article)

Hey, Intimacy, Where Are You

by Bryce E. Fox, Ph.D.

It is interesting that if you enter into a conversation with almost anyone (except for very young children) they can quickly identify that change is inevitable for everyone.  If this conversation was pushed for further explanation most of the information would focus on visible, physical change.  People will not finding it surprising that men begin to lose their hair and see streaks of grey beginning to appear.  It will also not be shocking that women begin to discover wrinkles and that idea that general physical abilities slow down for both men and women.  However... (Click here to read full article)

Are You a Boomerang Kid?
by Linda G. Hardin, D.Min.

Have you attempted to live independent from your parents and now find yourself either living at home again or considering that possibility? There are many reasons why you may find yourself in these circumstances such as unemployment, college debt, credit card debt, high rent, and other factors. Whatever the reason... (Click here to read full article)

In Their Voices: Young Adults Talk About the Church

Most churches and denominations recognize the need for effective ministry to young adults. Church and ministry leaders seek ways to keep them involved during the transitions of young adulthood.  Read the responses... (Click here to read full article.)

C-S-I: Young Adult Ministries

CSI. Crime Scene Investigation. For Young Adult Ministries, it’s Conversation, Service, and Intergenerational, three necessary components to engage people... (Click here to read full article)