Single Adult Ministries

Welcome to the Single Adult Ministries (SAM) web site. It is designed to provide you with resources to assist in reaching single adults for Christ.

Who are single adults? Single adults are people without spouses. This includes the divorced, never-married, widow, and widower. Remember there will be divorced, never-married, widows, and widowers who are also single parents. While it is easy to think of never-married people as young adults or widows and widowers as older adults, you’ll find single adults in every age group.

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My Soul Purpose
Richard Leslie Parrott

If you could ask God any question—and you knew you would receive a clear answer—what would you ask?

We can develop an authentic, meaningful, two-way relationship with God. Developing this relationship is a matter of spiritual attention and authenticity, recognizing your soul’s purpose, and paying attention to God’s voice.

Spiritual attention. We become distracted by all life heaps on us. There are worries, expectations, and demands. In the midst of these, we must pay spiritual attention since heart-focused attention is essential for spiritual life. Click here to read the entire article.