Family Life Ministries


The mission of the office of Family Life Ministries is threefold in nature. In serving the Lord and the Church of the Nazarene, we seek to encourage the district and local church to:

• Promote the Lordship of Christ in all marriage and family situations.
• Create a plan to help couples planning to marry prepare themselves for a lifelong, Christ-centered, healthy marriage.
• Develop resources and strategies that will encourage the building and strengthening of already existing marriages, and minister intentionally to marriages already in crisis.
• Provide resources and information encouraging healthy, Christ-centered parent-child relationships.


To accomplish this mission, we provide downloadable resources in the area of premarital preparation, marriage education, Nazarene Marriage Enrichment, Crisis Marriage Intervention, Helpful Links and the new Adult Ministries Connection newsletter. 


To facilitate the mission, we have started the STRATEGIC MARRIAGE INITIATIVE (SMI). This initiative will promote the training of pastors and lay couples in the areas of premarital preparation, marriage education, and crisis intervention. With this training the local church will be able to offer a comprehensive ministry to families in the congregation. It is our desire to see every church participating in the preservation of the biblical ideal of marriage.

May God bless you as you seek to minister to the families on your district and in your local church.

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    Jim Pettitt
    Coordinator of Family Life Ministries