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Adult Ministries

The mission of Adult Ministries is to prepare, challenge, and inspire women and men to a life of Christian discipleship. It is our desire and mission that every adult become a full and fulfilled disciple of Jesus Christ, and that each person will have a passion for Christian service, whether it is across the street or around the globe.

Rev. Larry MorrisI invite you to investigate the many resources on the Adult Ministries web sites. You will find that those resources will help bring spiritual depth to your life and greater effectiveness to your ministry with adults. If you have a question or a suggestion for the Adult Ministries team about resources or ministry options, please contact me. I would love to talk to you about them.

Your partner in Christian discipleship,

Rev. Larry R. Morris

Adult Ministries Director


Adult Ministries includes the following resources and programs:

Adult Curriculum
Adult Ministries partners with WordAction Publishing Company to provide Wesleyan-holiness curriculum for adult Sunday School classes.

Adult curriculum uses a proven pattern of systematic Bible study and real life application to give every participant a well-rounded, biblically-based education.

Adult Ministries Connection

The Adult Ministries Connection is a free, article-based web site that contains up-to-date articles and ministry ideas sure to be useful for active Christian leaders. Most AMC articles are free for reprint in district and local newsletters.

Continuing Lay Training/Lay Ministry

Continuing Lay Training is a dynamic ministry that helps train, equip, and credential adults for effective local church ministry. CLT provides lay training for almost every area of local ministry with a special focus upon teachers and ministry leaders.

• Continuing Lay Training provides online services including an online catalog, group and individual instruction, testing, course tracking, and other free resources for training of lay workers in the local church. 

• Each year Continuing Lay Training provides a denomination-wide study on a subject of great importance for the Church.    
• Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries International partners with other lay ministry agencies and programs to forward the cause of lay involvement and leadership in the life of the Church.   

Family Life Ministries

Family Life Ministries is committed to providing support and resources to the local and district church that will facilitate building strong, Christian families and marriages. Information and resources include:

• Marriage Enrichment resources and training

• Premarital Training and resources

• Marriage Crisis Intervention

• Seminar speaking and consultation

• Up-to-date articles on Marriage on the Adult Ministries Connection at

• Family Life Ministries area of study through Continuing Lay Training

• Marriage Enrichment area of study through Continuing Lay Training

Men's Ministries 

Men's Ministries challenges men to discover their spiritual gifts, evangelize their community, disciple and encourage one another in the faith, and develop strong parenting and relational skills. Resources for this crucial ministry are:

• Access to a network of other men who are successfully ministering to men in local Nazarene churches 

• Up-to-date articles on the Adult Ministries Connection at

• Men's Ministries area of study through Continuing Lay Training

Prime Time Ministries

Prime Time Ministries provides inspiration and ministry opportunities for those age 55 and beyond. This growing and dynamic ministry assists in the discipleship and growth of individuals who are in the prime time of their lives. Avenues of support from this ministry initiative are:

• Annual Prime Time retreats

• The Prime Time Connection, a quarterly newsletter, keeps prime timers informed and inspired.

• Prime Time Educational Events

• Prime Time training and consultation

•  Up-to-date articles and calendar of events on the Adult Ministries Connection at

• Prime Time Ministries area of study through Continuing Lay Training

Single and Young Adult Ministries 

Single and Young Adult Ministries provides opportunities for fellowship, inspiration, support, training, and resources to the ever-growing needs of single and young adults through the following avenues:

• Retreats

• Single Adult Ministries Handbook for Leaders

• Church consultation

• Up-to-date articles on the Adult Ministries Connection at

• Single Adult Ministries area of study through Continuing Lay Training

Women's Ministries 

Women's Ministries encourages women to grow in Christlikeness, discover and use their spiritual gifts, love and serve others, and to reflect the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ in every aspect of life. These objectives are carried out through the following avenues:

• Women's Ministries General Council

• Up-to-date articles on the Adult Ministries Connection at

• Women's Ministries Handbook for Leaders

• Women Alive! Magazine

• Women's Ministries area of study through Continuing Lay Training
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