Ideas for Youth Week

Serving your Youth
As an outreach, plan a meal for your Youth Group. Have them bring as many of their friends as they can. Have the adults of the Church serve the Youth Group a nice meal as a gift to honor them. You might want to consider having the meal someplace other than the Church to provide variety, since most of your other activities during the week will likely be held at the Church. Consider having it at someone’s home (assuming there’s a home large enough to hold your Youth Group and their friends). You may be able to use a meeting room at a local business or school.

Dress Up Awards Meal
January and February are the months when many organizations hold their annual awards ceremonies. Why not have an awards meal for your Youth Group? Come up with many categories, some funny, some serious enough to give every member of your Youth Group an award. Then host your awards ceremony and honor your Youth.

Dinner Theater
After serving your meal have some of the adults perform a drama, play or skit. It doesn’t have to be a huge production. Just something simple to say “thanks.” An easy way to do this is by performing a spontaneous melodrama. They’re easy to do, require few props, and are a lot of fun. Have someone write a funny story. Then as the narrator reads the script, members of the cast act out the story. The more outrageous the better. Consider writing a story where the cast members actually will represent characters named after your Youth.

Youth Breakfast
It’s February. In some parts of the world it’s still cold outside. What better way to warm your insides and make you feel at home than a piping hot breakfast with all the trimmings. This could be held early in the morning before school. It doesn’t have to be an expensive or fancy meal but it sure can be a lot of fun.

Outdoor Bar-B-Q
Fire up the grills and bring out your favorite meats. Line the tables with butcher paper and put out some markers or crayons on the tables for the Youth to entertain themselves on the table tops while the meal is cooking. In warmer areas, you can hold this outside for easy clean-up.
Talent Night
How many of your adults have hidden talents that your Youth are unaware of? Conversely, which Youth in your Group have gifts that the congregation never sees? Can they sing? Paint? Act? Play a musical instrument? What better way to bring your entire church body together than to share your talents with each other just for the fun of it. This shouldn’t be a contest or competition, but rather a night of fellowship and celebration of God given talents.

Family Night
This is a good night to turn off the television and do something together as a family. Make Thursday night a family night. Encourage families to do something together that fosters interaction. Videos, plays, concerts, or movies are probably bad ideas. These don’t require interaction. Families could play board games. Or, weather permitting, they could go on a walk or play a game of ball. Anything will work as long as it requires family interaction.

Activity Night
Youth Week would not be complete without a Youth activity night. While the rest of the weeknights have been filled with activities, each one had a specific purpose. Friday night should be an activity simply for fun’s sake. Take the Youth Group to a park. Have a gym night. Hold a scavenger hunt. Go bowling or skating. You decide what will work best for your Church, but Friday night is simply dedicated as a night for your Youth Group to have fun together.

Service Project
Youth Week is not just about celebrating our Youth. They should also join with the rest of the Church members in ministry to others. Plan an all-Church service project for the day. Combined with the work of the Holy Spirit, nothing unifies a body of believers more than when they work together for the greater good of their community. Here are several projects you may want to consider.

Find an older Church building in your area - one that is in need of repair. Offer to donate your help for a day in fixing up their building. Put on a fresh coat of paint. Trim the shrubbery. Clean the parking lot. Fix broken or squeaky doors. Allow the congregation to give you a list of small projects that need to be done.

Door-to-Door Food Collection
This idea will take some extra time to prepare, but it can be highly successful. Make posters and flyers stating that your congregation will be collecting non-perishable and canned foods to be distributed to those who have need. Let them know you will be coming through their neighborhood on the Saturday of Youth Week. Staple a flyer to a plastic bag and distribute them several days early in local neighborhoods. On Saturday, send small groups throughout the neighborhoods, collecting the donated food.

Youth Worship Service
Ask the Pastor to preach a special Sermon for the Sunday morning service, underscoring Youth as it's theme. Involve your Youth in as many parts of the service as you can. Have the Youth Group lead the music, receive the offering, and testify. If your Church has a Youth Pastor or Leader, you might have him/her preach the message.