District Information

Each month the Global Treasury Services' Office sends a combination of four reports to the U.S. District Officers. Click here for district login.

The Four U.S. District Reports include:

World Evangelism Fund and Approved Mission Specials

This report lists the accepted and paid World Evangelism Fund apportionments for each church on the district along with the amount paid for Approved Mission Specials.

For more information go to Stewardship Ministries.

Pensions and Benefits Fund

This report lists the accepted and paid Pension and Benefits Fund apportionments for each church on the district along with their balance and percent paid.

Nazarene Missions International Approved Mission Specials

This report lists the amount paid for selected Approved Mission Special offerings and categories associated with Nazarene Missions International.

For more information go to Nazarene Missions International.

District LINKS Assignments and Contributions

This report lists the district assignment amount for each missionary and details the contributions made by churches resulting in a district balance for each missionary.

For more information go to LINKS.

Reports three main categories include:

Daily Updates

At the end of each business day we will update the online reports to include all of the transactions that were processed during the day. The daily updates will have the most up–to–date information we have in our records.

Monthly Statements

Along with the paper copy of the reports that are mailed each month an electronic copy is available on this website. Instead of waiting for the mail to arrive you can download your reports online.

FINAL Statements

FINAL statements are used as the final record for assembly year giving. They are the basis for year–end awards and statistics. These statements are generated each November 15th for the immediately preceding assembly year. For example, FINAL statements processed November 15th 2002 would be for the Assembly Year 2001–2002.

The reports include only funds remitted through the Global Treasury Services' Office. In many cases individuals contribute directly to the general church and request that their local church or district receive credit for their contribution. Be assured, these contributions have been included in the appropriate church total on the district reports.

The reports have been created in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the reports.

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