Teaching Children about Stewardship

The most effective way to develop a church of generous givers is to begin teaching biblical stewardship at a young age. Children have the capacity and interest to learn about stewardship and put that learning into action. Use the following resources to teach your children how to use their gifts in service to God and how to take care of what God has given to us.

Family Stewardship Calendar

While sermons and lessons on stewardship are good the best way to teach stewardship to children and youth is through the family. Children and teens learn about stewardship first and foremost, by what they see and hear from their parents. This includes all types of stewardship: tithing, use of talents and time, and stewardship of the earth.

The Family Stewardship Calendar is a new resource that can guide parents in modeling and teaching stewardship. The calendar provides monthly scriptures to learn and projects that involve giving, doing, and caring for the earth.

Click here to download your free copy of the Family Stewardship Calendar.

Children’s Stewardship Teaching Activities

These activities are designed for use in Sunday School classes, children’s church, midweek sessions, or other times for teaching children about stewardship. These are not complete lessons. Rather, they are activity ideas to add to your teaching session. If you need an entire session on stewardship, consider using several of the ideas, adapting them to fit a common theme.

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Children’s Sermons on Stewardship

These children’s sermons are designed for use in a regular worship service or as part of a children’s church time.

Click here to view the children’s stewardship sermons.

Children’s Stewardship Project Ideas

Children learn by doing. Use these ideas to get your children involved in using their gifts for God or caring for God’s creation.

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So…You Want to Give to God?

Use this resource to teach children the basic concepts of biblical stewardship. This colorful booklet is available from Nazarene Publishing House. A free leader’s guide is available for download.

Click here to learn more about the booklet, So…You Want to Give to God?

Click here to download the free leaders guide for So…You Want to Give to God?

Stewardship Videos

•  Mission Possible 12 – Stewardship

Children’s Stewardship Calendar Released

The 2009/2010 Children’s Stewardship Calendar was officially released at the General Assembly and Conventions in Orlando. The calendar features artwork from Nazarene boys and girls from across the country and as far away as Uganda. The artwork represents winners in the Children’s Stewardship Calendar Art Contest which drew more than 200 entries.

The Children’s Stewardship Calendar was a joint project of Nazarene Children’s Ministries International and Stewardship Ministries. Winners were selected by a committee representing both groups. All winners received a certificate and a copy of the calendar. First place winners also received a children’s stewardship t-shirt.

The following children were selected as FIRST PLACE winners and their art appears in the Children’s Stewardship Calendar:

Jonah Bowden, age 11, North Ridgeville, Ohio, USA
Brady Buchanan, age 7, Medford, Oregon, USA
Beau Burbrink, age 11, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Brayden Burbrink, age 9, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Madison Chamberlain, age 10, The Woodlands, Texas, USA
Amanda Curtis, age 11, Jackson, Ohio, USA
Alicia Doll, age 9, Midland, Texas, USA
Carman Draves, age 8, Shipshewana, Indiana, USA
Kasango Eriot, Jinja, Uganda
Tamara Ferreira, age 12, Sacramento, California, USA
Lana Hill, age 9, Jackson, Ohio, USA
Abbie Kizer, age 11, Carmichael, California, USA
Nichole Lasater, age 12, Carmichael, California, USA
Victoria Loustaunau, age 10,  Carrollton, Texas, USA
Leah Michael, age 8, Mannington, West Virginia, USA
Kaitlyn Neer, age 12, White City, Oregon, USA
Brooklyn Sheets, age 10, Moultrie, Georgia, USA
Randi Tapscott, age 8, Moultrie, Georgia, USA
Brad Woolery, age 10, Owasso, Oklahoma, USA

The following children were selected as SECOND PLACE winners:

Brandon Meadows, age 10, Shipshewana, IN, USA
Haley Isom, age 12, Carrolton, TX, USA
Jonathan Acre, age 11, Piedmont, OK, USA
Courtney Krahn, age 8, Shipshewana, IN, USA
Katie Remalia, age 11, Carrolton, TX, USA
Dixon Wood, age 7, Wainwright, AB, CAN
Logan Terry, age 6, Shipshewana, IN, USA
Reagan Chamberlain, age 9, Cashion, OK, USA
Gabrielle J. Gill, age 12, Dover, PA, USA
Sarah Flack, age 10, Cleveland, OH, USA
McKenzie Newboll, Grafton, WV, USA
Lauren Lyons, Grafton, WV, USA
Austin Lanicek, age 7, Longview, TX, USA
Katie Kennedy, age 9, Janesville, CA, USA
Sierra Davidson, age 9, Cincinnati, OH, USA
Deborah Rose Bontrager, age 10, Moultrie, GA, USA
Alliah Klipp, age 8, Moultrie, GA, USA
Jordan Bergman, age 6, Castle Rock, WA, USA
Macy Story, age 9, Irving, TX, USA

The following children were selected as HONORABLE MENTION:

Jonathan Ray, age 11, Gladewater, TX, USA
Keerthana Yogaratnam, age 9, Middleburg, FL, USA
Amy Tumbleson, age 12, Piedmont, OK, USA
Jesse Hendley, age 6, Iberia, MO, USA
Kelsay Pemberton, age 11, Iberia, MO, USA
Haily Christofferson, age 5, Cleveland, OH, USA   
Tania Abell, Grafton, WV, USA
Gracie Newbold, Grafton, WV, USA
Derek Bowden, age 9, North Ridgeville, OH, USA
Kaylee Lunsford, age 8, Carrollton, TX, USA
Maryjane Kitiona, age 9, Anchorage, AK, USA
Alexis Harsh, age 9, Cleveland, OH, USA   
Gabrielle Neil, age 11, Glasgow, WV, USA
Mikaela Farmer, age 11, Moultrie, GA, USA
Peter Crosby, age 10, Enumclaw, WA, USA
Tyler James Boleky    , Middleburg, FL, USA
Kasey Buchanan, age 9, Medford, OR, USA
Sabrina Heaton, age 9, Elyria, OH, USA
Breanna West, age 10, Jackson, OH, USA
Alissa Velazquez, age 11, Elyria, OH, USA
Josie Hackney, age 9, Oak Hill, OH, USA
Alexander Squire, age 6, Morley, Leeds. ENG
Justin Sherrell, age 10, Crocker, MO, USA
Blaze Rogers, age 11, Lafayette, IN, USA
Isaak Patterson, age 5, Lafayette, IN, USA
TJ Brandenburg, age 6, Lafayette, IN, USA
Nalhulo Ndo Praise, Jinja, Uganda
Namwase Jainel, Jinja, Uganda
Patrick Kelly, age 6, Carrollton, TX, USA
Bobu Ngole, Jinja, Uganda
Kasey Turchon, age 8, Cleveland, OH, USA
Diana Caldwell, age 9, Newmarket, ON, CAN
Ethan Koekemoer, age 9   
Alex Wilcox, age 10, Jackson, OH, USA
Victoria Patton, Cedar Grove, WV, USA
Katie Wimberly, age 6, Moultrie, GA, USA
Valerie Ray, age 11, Sacramento, CA, USA   
Adong Evalyn, Jinja, Uganda   

For more information about children’s stewardship or the Children’s Stewardship Calendar project, please contact the Stewardship office at tfelder@nazarene.org.