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Easter Offering Resources

Greetings, colleagues!

This year’s Easter Offering resources are now available on the Nazarene Generosity website, nazarene.org/generosity. The site features many free resources that your church can download and use to promote this year’s global Easter Offering for the World Evangelism Fund.

Resources will include:

  • Leader's Guide:
    • Planning Guide — Step-by-step instructions to help leaders inform your church about the exciting results of World Evangelism Fund giving that will encourage church members to pray and give.
    • Prayer Ignition Themes — Short, biblical stories that guide individuals in prayer and dialogue prior to the offering. Encourage families in the congregation to read the passages and discuss them as a group. As parents model generosity, children will learn to do the same.
  • Videos (2) — Choose from two video options to promote the Church of the Nazarene's annual Easter Offering for the World Evangelism Fund.

  • “New Life” — Sermon assistance for pastors to share God’s Word for all people during the Easter Sunday worship gathering.

  • Children’s Activity Sheet — Connecting children with the true meaning of Easter and with the Easter Offering for the World Evangelism Fund.

  • Posters (2) — Reminder of the Easter worship service and offering. Perfect for a church’s announcement board.

  • Bulletin Inserts (2) — Two designs allow you to choose which insert will best fit your congregation style and worship folder.

  • Bookmarks — Giveaway to keep the Easter Offering in congregants’ minds and prayers.

  • PowerPoint Presentation — A visual reminder of the Easter Offering. It can be used during the Easter worship service, church announcements, or offering.

  • Logos — Different sizes and styles that can be used on your church’s website, in bulletin announcements, etc.
Other Resources:

  • Children’s Quarter Collectors — These boxes will help engage and encourage children to collect their own Easter Offering for the World Evangelism Fund. To order, contact Nazarene Publishing House (1-800-877-0700 or nph.com) and ask for the Global Mission Offering for Children Quarter Collector (stock number O-320; $9.99 per package of 10).

  • World Evangelism Fund Envelopes — Created to encourage people to give an offering for the World Evangelism Fund. To order, contact Nazarene Publishing House (1-800-877-0700 or nph.com) and ask for the Stewardship: World Evangelism Fund Offering Envelope (free).
May the Lord bless you, your pastor, and your Nazarene Missions International Council as you plan for joyous Easter celebrations and encourage your people to give generously so that others may know God’s love, Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection, and the Holy Spirit’s comfort. I anticipate joining you as we all give freely to go where the Church of the Nazarene is not yet.

To the praise of God’s glory,

Daniel Ketchum, Director
Nazarene Missions International