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Ted and Sarah moved to Wicklow in 2013 with their daughter Abigail who was just 18mo.  They were invited by Stephen and Annette Morley, already in Wicklow, to help establish a new missional presence in the Republic of Ireland.  Since their arrival in Ireland they have increased their family, with Simon arriving at the very end of 2013. Their purpose for coming to Wicklow was to develop connections among families of young children, and to bring their various gifts and callings to serve with the Church of the Nazarene in Ireland as volunteers.  They are now considered Sponsored Missionaries, and as such are mostly funded by the direct support of partners and partner churches around the world. 

Currently, their work in Wicklow could be described as pastoring the community, as they lead a weekly family church gathering and fill many roles in Wicklow-based projects from playgroup to the Youth Cafe, Godly Play, a bible study, the school Parent’s Association, a Writers Group, and more.  They are also working to develop a drop-in type centre for families and children they are calling a “Play Cafe.” 

The work of the Voigt family in Wicklow is very much a team effort; they rely on support from local churches, the Churches of the Nazarene in the area, the Eurasia regional leadership, and maybe even you.  If you would like to find out how you can join the mission team in Wicklow, please get in touch by email at voigtfamilymail@ or find them on social media below. Financial support is a much needed part of their work, and they also need volunteers in Ireland as well as advocates in the wider world.

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Going Where the Church is Not Yet

Today there are over 4.3 billion people who live in areas where there is little to no gospel witness. 4.3 billion people who have not heard the message of the gospel, who have never heard the name of Jesus. We believe that everyone deserves to hear. God continues to call the Church of the Nazarene to spread the message of the gospel, to preach holiness, and to bring good news to the poor all over the world. The task is enormous; far too big for anyone to do alone, but together we can go where the church is not yet and see people, communities, and nations transformed. Reaching these people begins with one step, a step of obedience and faithfulness that says yes to God’s call. Take your first step and start your journey toward serving in missions today.

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