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India - Reynolds Memorial Hospital Nursing College

Giving Code:  133978
Region:  Eurasia
Area:  India
Cost(USD$):  1,222,600
About this project:

Empowering women, creating healthier communities, offering hope – Reynolds Memorial Hospital (RMH) nurse training program in Washim, India, since its humble beginnings in 1938, has continued to grow and train many, to minister to the health needs both around Washim and elsewhere in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. However, updated government requirements for nursing programs in India have placed the RMH ‘Nazarene Nurses Training College’ (NNTC) in jeopardy....


Giving Code:  133852
Region:  Africa
Area:  Africa
Cost(USD$):  5,600
About this project: On the Africa East Field, children are being transformed for Jesus Christ through training of children Sunday school teachers. Through our sunday school teacher training, 295 child developers have already received basic training. The training includes three levels of certification: the intern teacher level, junior teacher, and master teacher.
Even though trainings have been stratigically located at district centers, Sunday school teachers still face challenges. Many continue to travel gre...

South Asia-Finishing Ministry Center Buildings

Giving Code:  133950
Region:  Eurasia
Area:  South Asia
Cost(USD$):  462,000
About this project: The buildings were started but not finished. Now the need is urgent. The Church of the Nazarene in Bangladesh recently celebrated 26 years of being a holiness force in the country where less than 1% know Christ. In this short time, it grew to five districts and more than 4000 churches and Church Type Missions (CTMs). Along the years there have been several buildings whose construction was initiated by Work and Witness teams but never finished. There is an urgent need to finish these buildings to...

South Asia Church Protection Walls

Giving Code:  133945
Region:  Eurasia
Area:  South Asia
Cost(USD$):  115,500
About this project: As the Church of the Nazarene advances, entering new communities in South Asia, people of other faiths are sometimes resistant to accept a Christian church building in their community. Rejection comes in forms of attacks intending to damage the property and construction projects. Reports of damage include malicious people entering the church premises - smashing the windows of the church or destroying the vegetable garden or the rice paddy of the pastor. An immediate need for boundary/security wa...

Hechos 29 - Nazarene Church in Colombia

Giving Code:  133636
Region:  South America
Area:  Colombia
Cost(USD$):  120,000
About this project: Chia is a city with some of the most rapid population growth in Colombia. The population has doubled in the last decade due to its proximity to Bogota, high number of private schools and universities, and migration from rural areas. We believe this growth creates a great opportunity to proclaim the presence of God to the community of Chia. Hechos 29 - Church of the Nazarene is located in Vereda Bojaca, a zone north of downtown that holds one of the largest concentrations of the population.

Kosovo Church Plant

Giving Code:  133211
Region:  Eurasia
Area:  Kosova
Cost(USD$):  7,100
About this project: Kosovo has been an established country for only ten years and has struggled significantly to develop economically. They experienced war in 1999 and largely credit the United States with helping to end this war. The first Nazarene missionaries came to Kosovo and worked with the rebuilding effort after the war, and then helped to start the first Church of the Nazarene in Kosovo. This Nazarene church remains the only known protestant community in the town and people all over Kosovo still need ...

ANU 21st Century Classroom Project

Giving Code:  133141
Region:  Africa
Area:  Kenya
Cost(USD$):  175,000
About this project: Education is one of the most impactful ways we as Christians can change a community, nation or our part of the world. God is moved and pleased when we can increase the knowledge of a person, so they grow from being dependent, ethnocentric, and unaware to striving, Global-centric and thriving while being the hands and feet of Jesus in their community and world. ANU’s motto is “What Begins Here Transforms the World.” 

Africa Nazarene University will celebrate ...

Raising the Roof in Hungary (Hajduhadhaz)

Giving Code:  132889
Region:  Eurasia
Area:  Hungary
Cost(USD$):  14,360
About this project:

Little protection is offered from the elements at the Hajduhadhaz, Hungary Church of the Nazarene. The roof of the building is damaged allowing water to seep inside creating additional structural harm. This is not an aesthetic issue, rather an outreach issue. Many evangelism and outreach events are pending. These opportunities are limited by a roof allowing water and snow to enter the building. The situation makes it difficult to have a crowd in the building. The temporary fix managed by the ...

Congo School Building Assistance

Giving Code:  132337
Region:  Africa
Area:  Congo, Dem. Republic of the
Cost(USD$):  50,000
About this project: We believe that God wants to provide our schools with better learning conditions. Throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo, there are more than 120 Nazarene schools that serve over five thousand students. Many of them function as a single-room school using the local church building. Other schools are renting buildings or are built out of branches and grass. We want to see our schools better equipped to serve the children that attend them. In some cases, this may mean adding a structure for th...

Central Africa Farming

Giving Code:  132328
Region:  Africa
Area:  Congo, Dem. Republic of the
Cost(USD$):  10,000
About this project: We believe that the Lord wants us to help provide food and security to at-risk areas. Agriculture is proving to be a holistic way of reaching entire communities with the Gospel. While providing food to areas experiencing food scarcity, the local leaders are able to raise funds for their districts and churches as well. 
Your support helps start farms in key locations which include raising chickens, tilapia, and goats while growing bananas, pineapples and palm trees (for nuts...

Genesis Panama City

Giving Code:  132453
Region:  Mesoamerica
Area:  Panama
Cost(USD$):  15,000
About this project: Panama City is home to 1,500,000 people with only 6 active churches in the city.
We believe God desires to use the Church of the Nazarene's message of heart and life holiness to impact the people of the city. We believe God wants to empower new and existing churches to understand their role in the mission of bringing the gospel to the world.
Through the regional Mesoamerica Genesis initiative, you can help the Church of the Nazarene to have a greater presence in the bigges...

Krakow, Poland Church and Coffee Shop

Giving Code:  132242
Region:  Eurasia
Area:  Europe
Cost(USD$):  450,000
About this project: The first career missionary assigned to Poland was Ev and Rhonda Tustin. Ev had made contact in Maryland with Poles from Kraków, and they were seeking a church. Eventually, a church was started and began regular services. It was determined after time that a coffee shop would be a positive way to communicate permanence in the predominately nominal Catholic society, as well as provide a non-threatening entry point for our protestant church. All in the church agreed that regular services,...

Holy Cow! (an income generating effort in Ethiopia)

Giving Code:  128603
Region:  Africa
Area:  Africa
Cost(USD$):  10,000
About this project:

In the Horn of Africa many families survive on less than two dollars a day. Rural farmers and their families have an even more vulnerable existence as they rely on seasonal rains not only to feed their families but also to make a living (subsistence farming). And in Ethiopia a country comprised of upwards of 100 million souls - more than 70% of the population call themselves sub...

CIS Special Needs Fund

Giving Code:  122982
Region:  Eurasia
Area:  CIS
Cost(USD$):  12,000
About this project: The CIS Special Needs Fund project seeks to support people in the CIS with special needs and their support networks. Many individuals with special needs in the CIS have difficulty accessing adequate care. Specialist services for daily care, ongoing therapies, necessary equipment, or specific treatments are often prohibitively costly for families. Family members or other support persons may stay home to care for an individual with special needs, giving up income that could be earned working ou...

MSP: Rural Health Services Greatest Need Fund

Giving Code:  126913
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Papua New Guinea
Cost(USD$):  20,000
About this project: We operate two health centers, Imane and Sangape. Both are in very remote areas only accessible by walking or airstrip - no doctors. Cost of flying supplies in and expanding services are very high. Many people would never receive help if we did not reach them in this way. See our website for more specifics....

MSP: Nazarene Hospital Greatest Need Fund

Giving Code:  121827
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Papua New Guinea
Cost(USD$):  1,000
About this project: 130 Bed hospital serving for over 40 years in Papua New Guinea. Touching people physically and spiritually through health care ministry. This is our most important fund, which lets us use donated money in areas of our greatest need. See our website for updates and how we use these funds....

ConCafé Ministry

Giving Code:  123894
Region:  Eurasia
Area:  Portugal
Cost(USD$):  74,000
About this project: Click here to view ConCafe video
Con Café Ministry is a project designed to share the love of God to the neighborhood through authentic relationships and safe conversations in a coffee shop environment.

It started as a dream of the Portugal district. They owned a building space that was unused. In 2014, thanks to help from locals and work and witness teams, ConCafé opened. It now fills that building space in the neighborhood of M...

MSP: Melanesia South Pacific Community Based Health Care

Giving Code:  121862
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Asia-Pacific
Cost(USD$):  21,600
About this project: Community Based Health Care is an amazing holistic ministry bringing permanent and positive change, in the name of Jesus, to remote villages. Funds are used to train health volunteers and village birth attendants within each community....

Creative Access Northeast area Orphanage

Giving Code:  122042
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Asia-Pacific
Cost(USD$):  5,400
About this project: This is an orphanage in a creative access country that houses school age children. Four of the children have special needs and require special attention. There are 3 full time staff members for the 27 children. Funding is needed for school tuition, education supplies, food and clothing....

Community Center

Giving Code:  126783
Region:  Asia-Pacific
Area:  Asia-Pacific
Cost(USD$):  30,000
About this project: This community center will provide classes for children, youth and adults with the desire to develop life-changing relationships. It also provides a means for team members to stay on the field. Funds given to this special will help supplement operational costs and provide scholarships for low-income families...