Nazarene Education

Christian education is that ministry of the Church by which it seeks to communicate its faith and nurture Christlike disciples. In the Church of the Nazarene, the ministry of Christian education is expressed through local church education and Nazarene higher education, including clergy education.

Local Church Education

Christian Education in the local church is most effectively carried out through the Sunday School and small group ministries.  Discover the vast resources available at Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International. A wide range of ministries and professional associations exist to enhance the ultimate goal of making Christlike disciples by serving and equipping children, youth, and adults to reproduce their faith and to do works of ministry. (SDMI) prepares children, youth and adults for a lifetime of Christian holiness.
Nazarene Higher Education

The International Board of Education (IBOE) serves the Church of the Nazarene system of higher education in advocacy, support, evaluation and networking. This system of schools includes 53 colleges, universities and seminaries and is resolute in shaping Christlike disciples and servant-leaders for life-long service and global impact.

The schools are located in 35 countries on six continents and serve a richly diverse student body offering phenomenal opportunities for the nearly 50,000 students who annually make Nazarene institutions their schools of choice.