David and Naomi Phillips - Southeast Asia

David and Naomi Phillips have served in the Church of the Nazarene for nearly 33 years.   David came to Christ after getting the idea he should not be an engineer but a preacher.  This led him to talk with many pastors and preachers.  A Nazarene local preacher living across the street led David to Christ and taught him to pray and obey God.  Naomi was raised in a pastor's home and became settled in her faith in her early 20's.  She sensed a call to missions and began to prepare by going to college.   David and Naomi met at God's Bible College while working at Camp Washington Chapel.  After David received a clear call to missions they began to date and were married one year later, in 1984.

Following the instructions of World Mission, David got an MDiv from NTS in May of 1993.  While in College and Seminary they continued to pastor bi-vocationally.  After Seminary David was ordained on the North East Oklahoma district. A short time later they accepted a call to pastor in Divine Texas and from there they were sent to the Philippines with their two children, Amber and Nathanael, as missionaries in 1998.  

In 2001 David was appointed as Field Director (now called Field Strategy Coordinator - FSC) of the Philippines.  This was expanded to included Micronesia in 2006.   During their time in the Philippines God grew His church from 200 to 350 active churches.   In 2010 they returned to the USA for a 2 year leave of absence.  Two weddings and a funeral later, God gave them a new direction.

In December of 2011 they were asked to go to the South East Asia Field as FSC.  They arrived there in June of 2012.  David was chancellor of Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College from 2014-2015.  In 2015, a new Chancellor was selected allowing David to focus on the work of Field Strategy Coordination.  God is working in each of the countries that make up the South East Asia Field.  Churches are being planted and the student enrolling in the College is increasing each year.  Naomi continues to work with Child Sponsorship and with office support for the Field.  David and Naomi are seeing the results of many who labored before and God is giving the increase. 

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Born in United States


Born in United States

Home District: Northwestern Ohio

Home Church: Mount Sterling

Home Assignment Dates:

Apr 04, 2018 - Apr 22, 2018

May 31, 2019 - Jul 15, 2019