Trevecca junior serves as university’s first social justice ambassador

Lindsey Seller is serving as the first ambassador for Trevecca’s social justice program. The ambassador program began as a way of giving social justice students the opportunity to be more involved and put the skills they learned in the classroom into practice.

“We asked, ‘How can we provide our students with the best leadership training opportunities while they are here at Trevecca?’” said Jamie Casler, head of the J.V. Morsch Center For Social Justice. “We were looking to create a program where we provide students with the opportunities to be involved in a high level of leadership.”

As a social justice ambassador, Seller has had the opportunity to be involved in the community. She has taken part in planning for the MLK Jr. Day of Service, a day in which hundreds of college students from around Nashville come together to do service projects in the community.

“We look for opportunities for the student to be the liaison,” Casler said. “For example, the MLK Day of Service, Lindsey has been attending meetings in the community in preparation for that day.”

Seller, a junior from Fort Worth, Texas, has also been involved with a partnership between Crossbridge Ministries and Trevecca Community Church of the Nazarene in which she goes to the Tennessee Prison for Women on Sunday nights to help lead services and Bible studies.

A double major in social justice and business administration, Seller hopes to combine her majors in the future to serve a common purpose.

“What’s hard about social justice [is that] it’s a way of life, but you want it to be part of your career as well,” Seller said. “Business administration, for me, is a tool to live a life of social justice.”

She is also very involved on campus as a resident assistant, as a member of the social justice club, and a part of Trevecca’s chapter of Rotary International. Seller serves at these meetings as a representative for the department. She is also involved with setting up and serving as a greeter at a variety of events. This will be particularly true in 2018 as the Center for Social Justice prepares to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

“It has been really beneficial to see the mechanics of the day-to-day in social justice,” Seller said. “You get to see what it looks like to really be involved in everything.”

Ultimately, Casler maintains that Seller’s friendly demeanor and eagerness to get involved made her the perfect candidate for the program.

“She is so friendly," he said. "She goes out of her way to meet new people and make them feel welcome at Trevecca. That’s the kind of person you want as an ambassador.

“She goes out of her way to invite people to events and welcome them to the life of the campus. She has a warm and outgoing personality, these were things she was demonstrating long before we had this program, it is who she is.”

--Trevecca Nazarene University

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