Taiwan camp encourages youth revival


Approximately 100 youth participated in this year’s Taiwan Nazarene Theological College Winter Youth Camp, held 29-30 January. The event encourages and supports youth in their faith by providing a time of fellowship and challenging exercises. 

The youth worshipped through song, heard the preaching of the Word, and played games together. At night, participants camped in tents on the college property.

Nazarene Youth International District President Jung Huei Peng shared his experience at the camp and his hopes for Taiwanese youth in the future.

“The Holy Spirit led a movement of unity among the youth,” Peng said. “We hope to see this revival among the Nazarene youth, that we would spread His fire throughout the denomination and stretch the boundaries of God’s kingdom.”

Though Peng and the event leaders enjoyed the experience, they know their work is not done. The leadership team continues to pray for the youth in their country. 

“[We pray] that every youth can have a joyful heart and a teachable attitude, that they can learn abundantly in the presence of the Holy Spirit, and that their life may be renewed and changed,” Peng said. “May they love God more and be willing to submit their life to God and be wholly used by Him! May God help all the workers in the ministry.”

--Church of the Nazarene Asia-Pacific