Holiness Today receives national award

Orlando, Florida

The Evangelical Press Association awarded Holiness Today second place in the Cause of the Year category during the EPA convention in Orlando, Florida, USA, 6 April. This award was for an article featured in their commemorative Reformation issue for the months of September and October 2017.

The judges' comments include: “The friendly, neighbor-like tone serves the purpose of the article perfectly. It was an unexpected, but highly effective editorial choice to have a Catholic priest express ecumenical optimism in Holiness Today. You are also to be commended for the creative use of illustrations and the excellent timeline. Well done!”

Holiness Today is grateful for the opportunity to represent the Church of the Nazarene and to share stories of God at work in the world through our network of writers and readers. 

To read the award-winning article, visit holinesstoday.org. Additional copies of the Reformation issue are also available to order at cambeywest.com.

--Holiness Today

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