Global praise reports and prayer requests

Recent praise reports and prayer requests from NCN News, Nazarene Missions International, and JESUS Film Harvest Partners include:


Bus delivery

On a bus headed to Itahari, Nepal, a young woman, Maiya, went into labor. On the same bus was a team of Nazarene Missions International and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries workers who, despite their pleas for the driver to stop, ended up delivering the baby as the bus sped to its destination. When everyone arrived, the Nazarene teams helped the young woman connect with her family. Maiya said she was happy to have help from the unfamiliar women during her crisis and she felt Christ’s love through these loving people. For more details, read the full story in the April 2016 edition of Where Worlds Meet.

JESUS Film - Dominican Republic

“I was in jail over and over,” said Ricardo in the Dominican Republic. “I was an angry, aggressive person who would pick fights for no reason. My friends rejected me. I was alone. Watching the JESUS film, I felt something special happen in my life. When they asked people to accept Christ in their hearts, I did not know what to do. I went to the front to pray with a team member. Now, I tell others Jesus can change people. I know because He changed me!”

JESUS Film - Mozambique

“I stole from my neighbors,” said Amade, a father of three in Mozambique. “I spent three years in prison for my bad ways. I began to see the lost state of my life. With the help of a JESUS Film team, I gave my life to Christ. I pray He will use me as He wishes.”



Ethiopia attack

On April 15, an armed group from South Sudan attacked people on the Ethiopian side of Gambella, killing more 200 people and kidnapping 108 children. Many people were critically wounded during the raid. The Church of the Nazarene has a large presence in Gambella, which hosts more than 270,000 registered South Sudanese refugees. Church leaders are working to learn how many Nazarenes died in these attacks.

Fort McMurray, Alberta, fires

Wildfires near Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, has forced the evacuation of nearly 90,000 individuals and destroyed approximately 12,000 structures. Entire communities have been destroyed. Rain is desparately needed in the area.



Southeast Asia district superintendent

Sam Yangmi, a district superintendent on the Southeast Asia Field, is recovering after he suffered a hemorrhage last week that caused impaired vision in his left eye. The hemorrhage is expected to clear up completely in about two months.

“I can feel and see daily improvements to my eyesight," Yangmi said. "When you have your eyesight you really do have most everything . I have a better appreciation for my eyesight and thank God each day for healing me.”



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