Global praise reports and prayer requests

Recent praise reports and prayer requests from NCN News, Nazarene Missions International, and JESUS Film Harvest Partners include:


JESUS Film - South Asia

“I went to jail for beating a JESUS Film team member,” said Himanshu in South Asia. “I was a drunkard and bad person. For no reason, I beat a man who tried to share Good News with me. The team member did not turn me in, but someone else did. When the team member heard I was in a jail, he immediately came to seek my release. My life was changed because of his attitude. After I saw the JESUS film, I understood the heart of the team member better. I came to know about the love of Jesus Christ. Please pray for me.”

JESUS Film - Paraguay

“I did not think there was help for me,” said John in Paraguay. “I have been in prison four years. After seeing the JESUS film, I believed the Lord could change me and my situation.”



Africa drought

The Africa Region requested prayer for the drought conditions that persist in southern Africa. Certain areas have declared a state of disaster. Additionally, Ethiopia is experiencing its worst drought in decades, with more than 10 million people needing emergency aid.


A suicide bombing was carried out in a Pakistan park on Easter Sunday as worshippers gathered to celebrate the risen Christ. Please keep people affected by acts of terror in your prayers, as well as the churches that provide hope and healing to people wounded and scarred by this violence. 

India fireworks explosion

During a local new year's celebration last weekend, at least 100 people were killed and more than 200 people were injured in Kerala, India, when a fireworks explosion caused a building to collapse and started a fire. 



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