Global praise reports and prayer requests

Recent praise reports and prayer requests from NCN News, Nazarene Missions International, and JESUS Film Harvest Partners include:


JESUS Film - Argentina

“I was filled with bitterness and anger,” said Alejandra in Argentina. “When I was just 12 years old, my uncle took advantage of me. I did not speak to my mother for 20 years. My life was consumed with every evil. My four children have different fathers. Throughout my life, I was beaten, mistreated, and psychologically abused. I sought relief in alcohol and promiscuity. I was totally spent, at the end of my rope!

“I began to attend a small group started by a JESUS Film team. In this group, they told me God could change my life. As my last hope, in desperation, I lifted my eyes to heaven. Something happened to me — I began to weep uncontrollably! I was transformed, restored, and healed physically. I found the desire to forgive my mother for all I held against her. I am a new creature! I want you to know my testimony. When I look at my old life compared to what Jesus has done today, my heart weeps with joy and thankfulness! Pray for me and my children to remain strong in the Lord.”

JESUS Film - Burkina Faso

"Most of the villagers are engaged in agriculture and are animists (worshippers of inanimate objects)," said Benjamin Nabi, a team leader in Burkina Faso. "This village became notorious for drugs, prostitution, crime, armed robberies, murders, rituals, etc. It became this way simply because gold was found in the area.

"JESUS Film work in this area has helped people see that Jesus Christ is the one who can take them out of their misery. One such person is a young girl named Odile. She was sold by her bosses into humiliating prostitution on the gold site. Through the JESUS Film outreach, she has come to know Christ and has been able to leave this work."



India flyover collapse

More than 18 are dead and possibly 150 are trapped after a highway overpass that is under construction collapsed over a large shopping area in Kolkata, India.

Amitava Chatterjee, superintendent of the East India District, who lives 6 kilometers from this overpass, reported: "The spot where the accident took place is ... 7 km from Doctor Lane Church (of the Nazarene). Mostly non-Bengali area and full of wholesale shops. Asia's biggest wholesale shopping area. We are safe."



Harmon Schmelzenbach

Retired missionary Harmon Schmelzenbach has been permanently moved to a nursing home due to the progression of his Parkinson's disease. Harmon and Beverly served in Africa for 39 years.



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