Florida senior apartment complex celebrates 50 years

Lake Worth, Florida

The Nazarene sponsored senior living complex, Lake Worth Towers, celebrated its 50th anniversary last week with church and government officials in Lake Worth, Florida.  

Lake Worth Towers is an eleven-story complex of 195 apartments, providing affordable housing for over 200 moderate-income seniors 62 years of age and older. The facility was initially sponsored by the Lake Worth First Church of the Nazarene and opened in 1968. It is the tallest and largest structure in the city, which is located in south Florida near West Palm Beach, just across the street from the church.

General Superintendent David Graves represented the global Church of the Nazarene at the event.

“On behalf of the Board of General Superintendents we are proud of what has been accomplished over these 50 years through Lake Worth Towers,” Graves said. “The care and dignity given to seniors through this remarkable facility has provided a model for all of us around the world.”  

Lake Worth Towers was built through the determined vision of C. R. Moore, the founder of both the Lake Worth Church of the Nazarene and Lake Worth Towers. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded a 50-year loan of $2.4 million to purchase an entire residential block and fund construction of the facility. In the past 50 years, over 2,500 seniors have lived in Lake Worth Towers. 

City of Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo shared her gratitude for what Lake Worth Towers represents in the community.

“Lake Worth Towers is a lovely beacon and icon in our city,” Triolo said. “It could only have been built through a lot of prayer. Because Lake Worth Towers cares for our families and seniors, it is really the heart of our city.”  

During the ceremonies held in the church Family Life Center, Lake Worth Towers Administrator Robert Spear gave an oversized check to Towers’ Board President Dennis Moore, the son of Lake Worth Towers Founder C. R. Moore, and the rest of the board. The check represented the final payment for the 50-year HUD loan.  

“Satisfying this 50-year loan from the federal government is huge for Lake Worth Towers as we plan how to best provide quality and dignified housing for huge increases in the number of seniors expected now and in the future,” Dennis said.

Palm Beach County Commissioner David Kerner also spoke at the event.

“I am reminded of the amazing things that can be accomplished at the intersection of faith, community involvement, and the government working together,” Kerner said. “This symbiotic relationship has enabled Lake Worth Towers to have a remarkable impact on the community and in particular those who reside here.”  

Chuck Russ is the current pastor of the Lake Worth First Church of the Nazarene and serves on the Towers’ Board. The Southern Florida District Superintendent Brian Wilson was the Master of Ceremonies at the 50th Anniversary event and also serves on the Towers’ Board. More information can be acquired about Lake Worth Towers at lakeworthtowers.com.   

--Lake Worth Towers via NCN News submissions

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