A church led by children

Cavite, Philippines

What do you imagine when you think of "children’s church"? Most people picture a group of children being led in worship and other activities by adults, but the GMA Church of the Nazarene in Cavite, Philippines, has changed that picture.

Nerry and Ivan are two of the leaders of Children’s Church at GMA. They both received their local minister’s license last year. The church board interviewed them, affirmed their call to preach, and presented them to the congregation. They help to oversee an exciting Children’s church at GMA with lively worship, biblical preaching from God’s word, and lots of discipleship and outreach activities.

Both Nerry and Ivan are 13 years old. You see, Children’s Church at GM is actually led — by children! The song leaders, the singers, the drummer, the guitarists, those who take the offering, the preachers — all are children! Of course, not all the preachers are 13 years old. A third young man, Paul John, is much older. He is 15! These three young people, barely teenagers, take turns preaching in the Children’s services. The three are also being trained for church planting using the curriculum “Training for Trainers (T4T): Make Disciples, Multiply Churches.”

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