Annual USA/Canada Region Haitian convention held in Montreal

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Nazarenes from across the U.S. and Canada gathered in Montréal, Québec, July 14 to 17 for the National Haitian Nazarene Convention.

Québec District Superintendent Ian Fitzpatrick called it a privilege to host the convention.

"During these few days together, I witnessed a genuine and sincere seeking after God," Fitzpatrick said. "I realize that this could be said of all such gatherings, but there was something very special about our time together. Haitian brothers and sisters from up and down the east coast of our continent came with one desire and left with one mission — to serve the Lord God with all our hearts, to re-engage the 'first love' experience with Jesus as we face the challenges of ministry in this present age. I was moved by the dedication those who travelled to Montreal ... from our New England, Mid-Atlantic, Metro New York, and Florida districts, as well as from other parts of the USA. This was a real encouragement to Québec District Nazarenes."

Fitzpatrick also thanked those who assisted with the convention. 

"Thank you to all who made this possible, Rev. Pascal Permis (USA/Canada Haitian facilitator) and to all who participated publicly and behind the scenes to make this event such a success," he said. "To all the workshop and seminar leaders, we say thank you. The Haitian church on our region is alive and well. It embodies a movement of people who are serious about their worship of God, serious about discipleship, and serious about servanthood ministry. This conference, far from being an end in itself, was a means to an end in preparing all of us to better serve the Lord and fulfill the mission of the church. What a privilege to be part of this experience!"

--USA/Canada Multicultural Ministries

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