Admirado and Celeste Chaguala - Africa Lusophone

Admirado and Celeste Chaguala serve as missionaries with the Church Of The Nazarene in Mozambique as the mission coordinators. They have two children, Noel and Shirley.

Admirado works in leadership development and church growth in the country of Mozambique as well as assisting the Field Strategy Coordinator across the  Africa Lusophone Field (Angola, Cabo Verde, Guiné Bissau, Equatórial Guiné, Mozambique and São Tomé e Príncipe). Admirado was ordained an elder in the Church of the Nazarene in 2010.

Celeste serves as literature coordinator for the Africa Lusophone Field; her main responsibility is to resource pastors with ministerial material for discipleship as well as translating various resources in local languages.

Admirado served as NCM, Children’s Ministry, and SDMI Field Coordinator and also worked with Jesus Film Ministry in the country of Mozambique from 2004 to 2015.

Admirado and Celeste's passion is to see the development and growth of leaders at  the national level who will lead the church in Mozambique to maturity and reach out to lost souls. Our positions require much travel and great wisdom, as we develop resources of evangelism and discipleship that are effective within our context.

Please pray that God will give their family strength, wisdom, and safety as they teach and preach the Good News of Christ in Mozambique.

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Born in Mozambique


Born in Mozambique

  • Noel
  • Shirley