John and Nyamal Yual

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John Yual is an ordained elder in the church of the Nazarene.  They serve as missionaries for South Sudan, North Sudan, Western Ethiopia and all the refugee camps in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and North Sudan). They currently live in Uganda where John serves by ministering to both refugee and nationals.

John and Nyamal have been blessed with five children, four boys and one girl: Dunga, Hannah, Gach, Kenin, and Ran.

Nyamal found Jesus as her savior at the age of fifteen. Her grandmother was a deaconess in the Presbyterian Church of Sudan. She took her to the church one day where she heard the salvation message and accepted Jesus.  Her turning point was after listening to the sermon on the Gospel of John 3: when Jesus talked to a Jewish leader Nicodemus about the new birth. She realized that giving all to Jesus would give her a different view on how she looked at things. Her mind was renewed, and she became a new person in her walk with God. Her love toward God and her fellow believers was changed. Nyamal testifies that “I am sure I walk in his direction.  Love made a difference in my walk.”

John grew up in Sudan.  His parents were “traditional” African worshipers and the home he was raised in was full of worship to unknown gods.  No one had shared the love of Christ in the small African village where he grew up, everyone worshipped whatever gratified them.  As Paul says in Romans 10:14 "… How can they believe in the one whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? John credits his uncle with leading him to Christian faith. In turn, he led his parent to Christ-and then many, many others.

He was forced to flee from Sudan because of the Arab forces abducting children to fight as soldiers (Jadist) in their war, He became a refugee, living in camps in Ethiopia for more than 15 years. In 1996, while in Addis Ababa, he heard the Holiness message of the church of the Nazarene and was filled and transformed by the Holy Spirit. In 2000, he had an opportunity to escape the circumstance of living in a refugee camp and choose a life of resettlement in Australia, but he also heard a particular call from God at that time.  In his own words:

“God spoke to me and said, 'John you are running to get a better life in Australia and that is   your choice.' God said, ‘I have another plan for you. I call you to remain in the camp and share the suffering with my people and give them hope that is only found in Jesus.’”

He accepted God's call and in 2003, he walked for seven days without food or clean water to re-enter Sudan, carrying the Gospel.  He was there for one and a half months (45 days), teaching and sharing the Good news with people who had never heard about Jesus. Thirteen (13) churches were planted.

When the war broke out again in December 2013, he moved to Uganda with his family.  At this point God added the ministry to refugees who ran from South Sudan, North Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Congo, and Burundi. Currently John continues to serve at his peril, in the name of Jesus and to the glory of God!

Please pray for John, Nyamal and their children’s safety as they continue to serve Him!

·         Education: Creative leadership Institute Diploma, 2004

·         Africa Nazarene University, Bachelor of Arts, Theology in 2009

·         Africa Nazarene University, Master of Arts, Religion 2015

·         Currently working on a Ph.D. at Africa Nazarene University 

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Sep 10, 2019 - Nov 10, 2019, United States

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