Stories Made Possible by the World Evangelism Fund

The amazing trip for Madagascar

The people of Nosy Be, a small island off of Madagascar, had no idea what God would do to bring the gospel to them. Your giving enables miraculous ministry efforts worldwide.


Read Nosy Be’s story.

Loving the unlovable

When the pastor first saw the home that this angry woman was living in, he wasn’t sure what to do. Then, his congregation formulated a plan that made an eternal difference in the woman’s life. Through your gifts, you love people with Christ’s compassion.

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‘I will lose everything’

Christ calls us to pick up our cross and follow Him. For Hamadi, the realization of what he would lose was insignificant compared to what he gained when he chose to trust in God. Your gifts enable people like Hamadi to become Christlike disciples who make Christlike disciples.


Read Hamadi's story.

More 'Houses of Blessing'

Your gifts take the gospel everywhere. In Venezuela, volunteers host “Houses of Blessing” and bring the gospel of Christ to local people through JESUS Film Harvest Partners.

Generosity funds a network of ministries around the globe. All Nazarene ministries depend on partnerships with missionaries, churches, and projects supported by the World Evangelism Fund. Without it, many of these ministries would disappear, and none would reach as far as they do today.


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