Stories Made Possible by the World Evangelism Fund


Your giving encourages and assists passionate new missionaries, such as Danilo and Emily Aguilar, missionaries to the Azores. They continue to spread the good news of Christ throughout the nations, no matter how remote they may be!


Read Danilo and Emily’s story.

Holiness Education

Pastor Aimé Mutombo had started a church in Kafubu village and found there was also a desperate need for affordable education. Through Pastor Mutombo’s faithful prayers, your generous gifts, and God’s perfect timing, a brand new Christian school was built there.


Read Pastor Aime’s story

Church Planting

Dolores Banga of the Philippines was separated from her family, but hardship and faithful prayer led to their salvation and the formation of a new church in her hometown. Your gifts enable miraculous events to take place every day.


Read Dolores’ story.

Partner Ministries

Your faithful gifts further God’s work in ways that you may not imagine. In Peru, years of waiting ended when Nazarene ministries partnered to provided 13 new wheelchairs for children in need.

Your gifts fund a network of ministries around the globe. All Nazarene ministries depend on partnerships with missionaries, churches, and projects supported by the World Evangelism Fund. Without it, many of these ministries would disappear, and none would reach as far as they do today.


Read the story.

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